Vanity Mirror

by Becca Klaver


Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you’ve passed through


     the glass is water    there’s a timelag     on the other side  


           potions of belief         sandpaper for your doubts


          I traded it in                    & now they’re telling me


      to try             to get it back             to get it back different


as if a fire by the lake with a circle of girls smoking leaves


      from the forest floor         were possible now    


In the night stories too I am alone      strange people land water   


    a felled tree                   you either walk across or you don’t


I have to go on finding things where I don’t know to look


                                                 it hurts        


I prefer browsing              clicking                        piddling


                  twenty-seven             it’s time to choose     


      tighten all my bows                take big gulps of air


take stock take stock take stock        fingertips to the glass


before diving into the pool             where we listen watch wait


    speak underwater              in the light of practice