Editors' Note


TEEN WITCHES: feared, misinterpreted, misdiagnosed by adults, TEEN WITCHES are suspected of operating in potions designed to cure acne and remove body hair. In reality, their creations are charged with the stronger stuff: spells derived from emotions so deep they threaten to destroy even as they empower, unbreakable energy passed from girl-hand to girl-hand, whispered words that can bind and banish.  

TEEN WITCHES shout their anthems on basement dance floors, whole city blocks reverberate with the intensity of their conviction. TEEN WITCHES are powerful, they are loud, they are all confused limbs and surprising body odors, TEEN WITCHES are not afraid of you.

In this issue, poets, visual artists, and authors consider the enduring power of the TEEN WITCH from multiple angles, delving through memories and visceral sensation. Ranging from thoughts on the power of the teen witch trope in 90s pop culture, to reflections on the significance of menstruation to witchy arrival, we hope this issue honors (to the extent that anything can) some of the potency of the TEEN WITCH.

Happy reading,

Claire and Alex