Editors' Note


In The Uses of Anger, Audre Lorde speaks to the nuance between hatred, and anger. She speaks to the frustrated rift between women of color who experience racist oppression every day, and for whom each day is a reminder of the need to fight, and between white women who heed the call to action only when their own identities are under attack, who refuse to listen out of guilt or out of denial, who reject the rage of women of color. Lorde writes:

It is not the anger of other women that will destroy us but our refusals to stand still, to listen to its rhythms, to learn within it, to move beyond the manner of presentation to the substance, to tap that anger as an important source of empowerment.

In the current political climate, feeling these rhythms is an absolute imperative. Where hatred rears its ugly head, multiplicities of anger, must be heard, felt, respected, and protected.

Rage ripples through each of the pieces contained in this issue, and woven throughout is resilience, hope, ferocity, and a ripe sense of transformation. The voices of these authors create a fabric that speaks to the power and potential of anger. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

- Claire & Alex